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Yandere one-shot [Lock and load]
Click, click
“Ya know, that is not going to work."
Click, click
"Come on, buddy. Even I know you are not that stupid. That gun is not loaded."
The other boy in front of him started to shake, almost dropping the weapon in the process.
"Are ya going to cry?"
He laughed, clearly amused with the current situation.
"You would think that, if you started this, ya would in the least have the guts to finish it! I guess not."
He suddenly ripped the gun from the other's hand, leaving him completely defend less. And, as a result, the other finally started to cry and dropped to his knees.
"Ah… What would she think of you now? Ya don't look so cool right now, buddy."
He let out another laugh.
"I guess everyone has their days, huh?"
There was a moment of almost complete silence, the only sound that could be heard was the quiet sobs of the other male who was currently on the floor, on his knees. He decided to break the silence with a smile on his face.
"Wanna hear a funny story?"
The other
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Fun Time Freddy x reader - New friend
A dim light flickered, barely illuminating the small room that you were in. Your hands were shaking. You needed to calm down, so you tried to convince yourself that everything was fine. That there was nothing lurking on those dark corners that you could barely see.
You just needed to do your job fast and then you could get the hell out of this dark, claustrophobic room. Taking a deep breath, you finally gathered enough courage to go through your job.
You flipped the panel up and the device showed you the map of the facility, along with the rooms that needed you to restore the power. But before you could even get acquainted with what was shown on screen, you flipped the panel back down with such force, that for a brief second you were worried that you had actually broken it.
You heard something. A voice. A robotic voice. When there was supposed to be silence.
You instantly started to panic. Your eyes darted around the room, looking for
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Osomatsu x reader - Consolation
“Oi! (y/n)-chan!” hearing your name being called, you looked up from your phone, immediately recognizing who that cheery voice belonged to. “Hello, Osomatsu” you greeted him back with a lazy smile “What brings you here?”.
“I could ask you the same thing! What are you doing all alone at this hour sitting in a park bench?” He then sat next to you, giving you what you like to call his “shit-eating grin” “Enjoying your forever alone time?”.  
You let out a sarcastic laugh “Really funny, Osomatsu. Really funny” you said, your voice evidently turning sour “Jokes about me being single aside, I was actually waiting for someone. Unfortunately he decided to leave me hanging for about…” you pretended to look at a non-existing watch on your wrist “one hour, in the least. Might I also add that he was the one who invited me to this, I quote, “amazing date””.
Osomatsu lau
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Human!Bill Cipher x reader (part 4) - Forgiveness
“Bill? Bill! Are you in here?” you asked as you walked through your house in search of the demon. “He was supposed to be in here…” you said, finally reaching the living room.
Suddenly someone jumped right in front of you, making you almost jump out of your skin “Hey (y/n)! How are you?” “Bill! I've been searching for you for hours! Here the heck have you been?” he didn't even answer your question, he just grabbed your shoulders and started pushing you in direction of your front door “What I've been doing is not important, what is important is that you need to go outside and take some fresh air” “Go outside?” you asked, confused.
He smiled “Yeah, you're gonna be able to play lot’s of golf and spent time with the grandkids!” “I don't have grandkids!”  “Well, now it’s your chance to go get some” he said as he successfully pushed you through the door and slamme
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 288 42
Human!Bill Cipher x reader(part 3)-Little Moments
“Hey (y/n), I’m back! Did ya miss me?” Bill said happily as he barged through the front door of your house. But nothing but silence greeted him, making him realize that the house was empty.
‘Maybe she still hasn't come back from school’ he thought as he started to walk around the house in search for you. He then noticed that your back door was completely and, assuming that you went in that direction, he barged through the door once again.
“(Y/n)! Are you here!?” he practically yelled “Jeez, the lack of subtlety is strong in this one” said a familiar voice coming from his left.
Turning his head in that direction he saw you sitting in the bench that you had in the back of your house. He gave you a sly smile “ya know, it’s not nice to hide from people when they are looking for you” he said crossing his arms and playfully mimicking the serious expression that you had on that day when you were desperately trying to find
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 333 42
Ventus x Reader - Dreaming Memories
“Where am I?” you asked yourself as you tried to examine your surroundings, even though you were feeling really dizzy and your eyes were taking a lot of time adjusting to the slightly dark place.
As your eyes finally adjusted to the lack of light you noticed that you were laying on the grass from a courtyard of some kind of castle, and it was night time. “I don’t recall having fallen asleep while laying in grass...”  You thought as you got up from the ground.
Looking around, you noticed that this place looked so familiar... Like you had been in this place many times before... But you couldn't really put a finger on it. You then started to walk around this courtyard, in hopes of finding something or someone.
And after awhile of aimlessly walking around, you heard your
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 40 3
Parasitica!Mikey x Reader - Desturbia
“Damn it! I knew that was a bad idea to bring that stupid egg to the lair!” you said out loud to nobody in particular as you tried to finish the antidote. Just remembering what happen early this day gave you chills and it all started when you and the turtles decided to explore a Kraang lab that had been destroyed by one of their experiments.
In the lab you all had to fight against a mutant wasp and Leo ended up being stung. At first it didn't seem like a big deal, until Leo found the mutant wasp egg and decided to bring it to the lair (even though you and Raph said it was a bad idea). After that Leo started acting over protective about the egg and turned into some kind of violent and brainless monster.
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 49 6
Wally x Reader - In My Eyes
Hey, if you want, you can listen to this ( while reading
Hope you enjoy it!
“Thanks for the battle Miss (y/n)!” you smiled at the little girl in front of you “It was a great battle, I can't wait to see how strong you can became” she nodded, her expression full of determination “I’m going to get even better and then I will come here to challenge you again!” and with that said, she left.
You signed, exhausted. You were in the Battle Mansion and you've already battled at least 20 people since you got here. Deciding that it was time to take a break, you sited down in one of the many chairs in the room, watching a Pokémon battle between an ace trainer and a picnicker.
But your attention was soon drawn back to the main door: a green haired boy entered the room and, as usual, the people around, except for yourself, didn't seem to be aware of t
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 27 4
Nagisa x Reader x Nitori - Notice us, Senpai!
‘Boring….’ You thought as you looked at the clock hanging from the classroom wall. You were midway through history class and, as usual, you aren't really interested in what the teacher was saying.
You looked around the room in search of something interesting and when you looked through the window you found it: right in front of the school’s pool there was the swim team you knew oh-so-well.
You started blushing as your gaze locked on the blond shota, Nagisa, and quickly turned your head away in embarrassment. You blushed even more when you remembered another shota, Nitori, which was from a different school.
Then you remembered why you started avoiding them and tried to put your mind on something else. Yes, avoiding. You see, the tree of you met each other last year when you came to this school as a transfer student that was one year older than both of them.
Because you seemed pretty lonely, Nagisa and Nitori offered to make you some company and since that day you
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Billy Joe Cobra x Reader - The Friendly Ghost
That’s the thing you fear the most.
And it all started when you were 5 years old and your brother thought it was a brilliant idea to show you a horror movie.
Well, you always had been kinda of a scaredy-cat, but ever since that day you even became afraid of your own shadow.  
Join that with the fact that you are very shy and socially awkward, and you had became the perfect target for bullying.
Because of that, during many years you haven't had many friends. But all of that changed when you started high school and met Spencer Wright.
He was the first person in Beverly Heights to really sympathize with you. At first it was kinda of an awkward friendship, but as time passed you and him became best friends.
What you didn't know is that there was another person who had taken a like on you and also wanted to be YOUR friend, but he couldn't because of what he was.
And that person was Billy Joe Cobra.
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 104 6
Human!Bill Cipher x Reader - Welcome To Hell
Right now there was nothing interesting to do at your house and you were sitting on your couch, bored out of your mind. You then decided that you were going to get a snack, because let’s be honest here: there was nothing better to do right now. But as you entered in the kitchen you noticed someone leaning on the fridge door, smirking.
“Hey there, hot stuff! See something ya like?”.  You rolled your eyes “I think I lost my appetite” you said and started walking way, with Bill following suit. You then turned around so you could face him “By the way, why are you still here?” he only smiled “I think that the most appropriate question is why are YOU still here?” “Maybe because you suck at your job” Bill stopped dead on his tracks with a shocked expression on his face “I-I…. suck a-at my j-job? (y/n), you really think I suck at my job?”
--------Insert here a flashback on narration mode---------
Since Bil
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 829 180
Human!Bill Cipher x Reader (Part 2) - Puppy Love
It’s been two weeks since you made that deal with the demon, and let’s just say that things aren't going as smoothly as you wanted.
Bill follows you everywhere. Most of the time he was on his triangle form to not draw too much attention and when you two are alone or at your house he would change into his human form.
The catch is that he constantly trying to annoy you: he teased you, pulled pranks on you, made you do chores for him and sometime even tried to take control of your body to do stupid things like make you dance in the middle of the Mystery Shack while there was a lot of customers…
But right now everything seemed calm at your house: Bill was watching TV and you were getting ready for your gaming section. But as you started playing your favorite Nintendo GameCube game, you noticed that SOMEONE had been messing around with it early that day.
Furious, you left your room (almost breaking the door in the process, I might add) and stomped to the living room.
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 412 88
Human!Bill Cipher x Reader (Part 1) - It's a deal
You were on your way to the Mystery Shack to visit your best friend Dipper; he had promised that you two would spend that day together.
As you opened the door of the old wooden house, you were only welcomed by silence. How come that nobody was there? Is the middle of the week, usually they will be working right now.
But your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone falling down the stairs and a laugh. You quickly got to the stairs that connected the attic with the living room, only to find Dipper laying on the ground and laughing.
You blinked a few times just to make sure that you were actually seeing that. “oh, hey (y/n)~” “uuuhhhh… hey, Dipper… you okay buddy?”. He got up from the ground “of course~ I never have been better on my life!” and with that said he started skipping to the kitchen while giggling like a Japanese highschool girl.
You just stood there, too stunned for words. But you snapped out of it when you heard Dipper
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 515 58
TMNT - Mikey x Reader - Not alone anymore
Mikey was sitting in the living room couch, staring deeply into Donnie and Leo. None of them noticed, though. They had their mind elsewhere: Donnie was staring into an April photo in his T-phone and Leo was staring into the katana that Karai “gave” him, both of them with a love struck expression.
Mikey sighed, he didn't understand. How could you love somebody to the point that you were only thinking about them all the time? And even if you really reach that point, would be worth it? What if the person you love doesn't love you back?
But his thoughts were interrupted by a happy person who just had arrived the lair “Hi guys!”You said cheerfully.  “Hey (y/n)” Leo and Donnie said, not really paying attention.
Mikey looked at you and got an idea ‘Maybe I can ask her’ he tough. He got up from the couch with a smile and pulled you into a bear hug “(y/n)! I missed you soooo much!!” you giggled and hugged him back “It´s
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 59 10
Kagamine Twins x Reader - Mornings
You stirred on your sleep, feeling something on top of you. Lazily, you  opened your eyes to find that someone was sitting on you with their face inches apart from yours. “What the hell!?” you yelled, making the blond fall from the bed.
“Len!! What are you doing on MY room!?” Len just gave you a smile “Rin said that I should wake you up, because she almost finished making breakfast!” “What? Rin is making breakfast?” you asked surprised.
Rin never liked cooking and ,besides, she always sleeps till noon! “Yep! Let’s go (y/n), I’m starving!” Len said and dragged you downstairs, only to find the kitchen in a complete mess and a confused Rin in front of a recipe book.
“Rin, what happened here?” you asked, with a shocked look on your face. “What do think? I'm making breakfast.” She said, not even looking away from recipe book. This response made you face-palm and Len just burst out laughing.
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 71 5
Pinkie Pie x Human!Reader - Better Than Sweets
“But (yyyy/nnnn)!!!!!” Pinkie whined, looking at you with puppy dog eyes. “No, Pinkie. You ate five boxes full of chocolate. I'm not going to give you more sweets.” You said without even looking at her.
“But sweets are the best thing ever! I can eat them without getting tired or sick or…” Pinkie continued speaking really fast about how she loved sweets while bouncing around the kitchen, knocking various objects in the process.
You quickly got up from the chair you were sitting on and started chasing the pink bouncing pony. But your attempt on catching Pinkie failed miserably and ended with you hitting with your head in the kitchen counter.
“Alright, I give up!!!! You can have more sweets, Pinkie!” You yelled in frustration. “Yay!” Pinkie Cheered, happy that she was able to convince you. After sighing in defeat you opened your fridge door taking one more box of chocolate and then you put it on the ground, so Pinkie could
:iconpokemonfan4672:pokemonfan4672 52 10


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